Daisy House

by Daisy House

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Jason Siren
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Jason Siren This album is beautiful. Such a refreshing voice in acoustic and folk music. Daisy House really does it up right. As long as they continue to make music, I'll be listening. Favorite track: Cold Ships.
Joseph Corley
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Joseph Corley refreshing to hear, reminding me of some later 60's early 70's folk rock, but new in that her voice is distinct, unique, and not aided by effects. Terrific album!
Ivar Randall
Ivar Randall thumbnail
Ivar Randall This album is, in my opinion, the best Folk Rock album of the Year 2013 so far. The lush harmonies, musical arrangements, Male and Female vocals, poetic lyrics and pristine recording make Daisy House a band to not miss and to keep a close eye and ear out for. For those who like Tir Na Nog, Loreena McKennitt, Heart, Heather Alexander, Pentangle, Dando Shaft you will find great pleasure in this Classic in the making. Thank you Daisy House for such a beautifully recorded album. Favorite track: Emma In The Morning.
J.T. Tammaro
J.T. Tammaro thumbnail
J.T. Tammaro This sounds like it's straight out of Britain, 1969. Layered, lush, and full. Lead vocalists alternate throughout which adds depth. Tatiana evokes the spirit of Sandy Denny when she sings, and she sings with total confidence.
"This Bottle's Red" is my top track with a fun chorus and alternating lead vocals that play off each other perfectly. It's the most rocking song on the LP. If you're a fan of Sandy, Fairport, Jade, or early 10,000 Maniacs, you will love this album! Highly recommended. Favorite track: This Bottle's Red.
Jakeb Davies
Jakeb Davies thumbnail
Jakeb Davies It's a wonderful balance of old and new styles. and never diverges into self indulgent bullshit. Favorite track: The Running Man.
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released February 18, 2013



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Daisy House Long Beach, California

Daisy House was formed in December of 2012. The Southern California folk-rock band consists of Doug Hammond on guitar, bass, vocals and keys, and Doug's daughter Tatiana Hammond on vocals.
"Crossroads" is their 4th album to date

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Track Name: Crushed By A Flower
I lay asleep in a field... 

and awoke to the first drops of rain on my lips like a prayer...

with the clouds marching off in their columns to heaven
if I could, i would gladly have followed them there...
But from their ranks streaked with red
I was turned in mid-air 

and the last thing i recall was the smell of her hair
I was crushed by a flower, 
the beauty and the power
in the hour of remembering our love

yes, I was crushed by a flower
the sweetness and the sour
what remains is the girl and the April shower.

And i have shaken off blows

that i know would have taken a hundred other men down.
When the winter comes by...to a prisoner's eye, 

any color in the yard takes the man to the ground...
Track Name: Ready To Go
There was a car that emerged from the alley
there was lightning that struck on the hill
there were viruses swinging the edge of the blade
and the wolf moving in for the kill
There's a crime scene staged by a lover enraged
and the wandering man in the snow

Then it's fire below or the heavenly glow
we wait for the shadow to show
but the end is the same whatever your name
oh People be ready to go

there was a mother whose daughter was stolen
by a wave at the edge of the sea
and a bright white light
coming after a fight
with another incurable disease
some with eyes at the time closed in pleasure sublime
so they couldn't see the face in the trees

Then it's fire below-or the heavenly glow
we wait for the shadow to show
The end is the same-whatever your name
oh People be ready to go

in the hereafter will it be the world we know?
does it matter?
you have to be ready to go

there were soldiers set loose on the city
and the scientist lost in the field
there was a gun, blood red, at the side of her head
and a cop who was drawn to the shield
and it happens at 15 and at 50
and at 5 and 103
there's a turn for the worse, you're in back of a hearse
there's the end of your thinking of "me"
For the high and the low-it's the end of the show
oh people be ready to go
Track Name: Coronation Fair
like september laying down
her long dress sweeps the ground
as the common people stand and pray
for the Lord her soul to keep

at the Coronation fair
all the pretty things prepare
while the digging skeletons tend
to their hidden work and weep…

sounding clear across the water like a bell
as the mummers raise the pyre upon the square

Hear the song of celebration in the air...
on the last day of the coronation fair

At the Coronation Fair…
revolution in the air
with the beggars and the poor
lined along the watching way

did you see my lady fair
as she stepped into the chair
and the flames of the bonfire shifted in her eyes of gray?

sounding clear across the water like a bell
like voices rising from the bottom of a wishing well
see the ashes on the pavement where she fell
on the last day of the coronation fair

in the courtyard of the moon
an old man holds a broom
walking slowly backward sweeping every step away

are we navigating blind?
will heaven send a sign?
moving farther out to sea
where-the stars have always shined….
Track Name: Cold Ships
If you feel the summer tide that pulls you out to sea
And if you feel that another's smile
Can warm you more than me

Then go... whip the sail, lashing into the mouth of the coming gale.
It's an old twisted tale…
Laughing under the mirage of the loving veil....

Crimson clouds to a sailor's eye
Can take the breath away
But if you see St Elmo's fire 
before the brighter day...

Then go... whip the sail, laughing into the mouth of the nightingale.
It's an old twisted tale…
laughing under the sound of the drumming nails
like old ships for sale….
cold ships a'sail

Then go... whip the sail, laughing into the mouth of the nightingale.
It's an old twisted tale…
Crying under the mirage of the loving veil....
like old ships for sale
cold ships a'sail
Track Name: Favours Of The Moon
one night the moon came calling
through the windowpane
whispering his name
turning both of his eyes to green

"Here is a kiss for nothing.
Take it where you will
high upon a hill
carry it into e-ter-nity"

she followed him into sleep
and kissed on his mouth so deep
and bid him her silver secrets keep...
till morning

He grew into his manhood
far away from home
where he lived alone
she allowed no one to share his name

Sleeping with eyes wide open
taking in her light
each & every night
she bestowed fortune, renown and fame

She bore him a silver son
when man's dream had begun
to follow a ghostly paragon as one
Track Name: Golden Slippers
are you mesmerized
by the ceremonial
and the token lies
of the territorial
we're going to ride that wall
we're gonna ride that wall
wearing golden slippers…in style
until we take that fall

in god's waiting room…
with a phantom radio
can you hear the voices sweet singing
to the orchestra below?

is your body compromised
full of lulz and chemicals ?
or are you lip syncing...in black and white
with the di-a-mond skullz

we're going to ride that wall
we're gonna ride that wall
wearing golden slippers…in style
until the choir comes to call.
We're gonna ride that wall.

so you roll your eyes
as the sun begins to strobe
soon you'll be a bride of sixteen
in a brown tobacco robe

So it's good-bye, Chillun,
i believe its time to go,
Where the rain don't fall
& the wind don't blow
like it always done be-low
Track Name: Two Sisters
Sister sister who is here?
"oh the wind, the wind and the rain"
...the captains' son so young and fair
"oh the wind, the wind and the rain"
which of us is he bound to choose?
"oh the wind, the wind and the rain"
…you're the flower of the two, the one he's bound to mar-ry

"Sister sister walk with me
to see our sailor home from sea"
The older pushed the younger in
full well she knew, she could not swim
"Sister save me or i die!"
her jealous elder only sighed:
"oh the wind, the wind and rain"
down the shore a fiddler came
saw the breath had left her frame
saw the young girls life was spent
"she will be my instrument, the one i'm bound to carry"
took the bones from her young breast
and all he needed for the rest
to make a violin to sing
took her golden hair for strings

tuned her fingers night and day
"oh the wind, the wind and rain"
but the only song that girl would play was
"oh the wind, the wind and rain"
Track Name: Emma In The Morning
when the world was young, with her animal tongue
And the ways of nature strange
lived  a forest girl like a glistening pearl
in the fingers curled of a dying world

like Emma in the morning

She could sing to  the birds
In the ancient words known to all the sons of men
never leaving a trace in the morning dew
when she danced on the days
that the old ones knew

Like Emma in the morning
Sweet Emma in the morning light...

"Now the centuries pass and the seasons change
in an hour in a day- i'll remain the same
i accept the invitation and sigh
there is peace in the wheel of the turning sky
and I won't be afraid of the door this side
I'm amazed I'm amazed see it opening wide…."

From my hiding place I revealed my face
saying "please don't be afraid"
"you will name your price but i'll kiss thee thrice"
and i took 3 steps toward the lovely lips 
of Emma...

and i stand there still on this haunted hill
with my brothers all around
and we link our branches to the sky
for the mourning doves 
in a way I was like Emma...in the morning
Track Name: The Running Man
over land
with a far way to go again
just ahead of the devil's hand

string untied
I'm afraid there's no other way
until you feel
the axe again

poor running man...
ya poor running man

Fly and pray
with the white flag you carry on-
into darkness
another day

in disarray
in the way of the myrmidon
until the day you pass away

poor running man...
ya poor running man
poor running man...
ya poor running man

Run hard - child of man
save yourself if you think you can
on guard child of man
the Running Man

echo man
such a long road ahead of you
just ahead of the devil's hand

Forgive yourself
let go of the prisoner
see one shadow from where you stand...

poor running man...
ya poor running man
poor running man...
ya poor running man

Run hard - child of man
save yourself if you think you can
Run hard - child of man
preserve yourself if you think you can
on guard child of man
the Running man
Track Name: This Bottle's Red
this bottles red
and the other one is white
we'll meet again my friend and drain them both tonight
and...we'll drink our troubles away
until the break of day and
be happy... lets get drunk tonight

Well, i am just a working stiff
i pull 8 hours and then i smoke a spliff
but i feel uneasy, i can't relax
we're out of green but there's two in the back and so...

well the country's broke and my job is a joke
we're watching it all go up in smoke
my dad's laid off
my mom got stiffed
the cupboards bare and we've run out of spliff & so….

well, the harder they come, the harder they crash
so never forget where you hide your stash
or the day will come when you need that crutch…
your welcome to mine but i aint got much and so….
Track Name: Statue Maker
Say Goodbye to all that...
all rolled up in a ball...
you know my touch
almost Fall...

The Hand of the statue maker
in memory's fist
Flesh and bone in the place of stone for
your ending this...
With leaves on your head...
leaves in your hair,
on the way from here to there...

You'll come back for me
You'll come back for me

all in good time